Frequently Asked Questions

Are your agents qualified?

Our agents have all had a sales and marketing related background with years of experience.  We pride ourselves on closing sales and increasing revenue for advertising related companies.  

Do your agents provide high-quality service?

All of our agents are US based, English speaking individuals.  All agents have excellent communication skills including the use of proper grammar and punctuation.  

Are you always online?

Being human, we must sleep, eat and relax every once in a while.  Depending on your package, you can choose the hours and days you feel would best meet your needs.  Please note that sales reps are available from 7am to 7pm CST.  

Do you offer custom packages?

It’s possible.  As long as the request meets our standard package requirements and does not exceed 12 hour per day limits, we are open to the idea.  Just give us a call or a chat and let’s discuss it more!

Are my leads safe?

Yes.  All leads are stored in the Anoun system.  From here you can email them and follow up with requests if it is something other than what we handle.  We never sell or share your lead information.

Why are your prices so low?

Each of our agents can monitor multiple sites and handle multiple chats at the same time.  This allows companies to share the cost of an agent which brings the cost down for everyone.  

Will my customers know you are from Anoun?

No.  Our chat service is 100% white-labeled.  When your customers contact chat they are greeted on behalf of your company and introduced to the products and services you offer.  

Do you sell anything besides advertising?

No.  We are experts in the advertising and marketing fields and prefer to stay focused on our area of expertise.  

Do you handle support?

Because support can consume a lot of time and require hours of additional training, we only provide sales services at this time.  We are always happy to direct your customers to your preferred support method at no extra charge.